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Owning an ImageOne Franchise


Are you interested in owning your own imageOne Franchise and joining our ownership team? 

When you buy a franchise, you don’t just buy a business, but you buy a system and a philosophy on how to do business.  You learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before you and you tap into their knowledge and proven business formula.

·         Franchises have a success rate of two and a half times greater than independent non-franchising businesses

·         95% of all franchises operate past their first year where less than 35% of independent businesses succeed

·         Franchising allows you to enter into a new venture with a more experienced partner, while still owning 100% of your business

·         Franchise businesses account for 42% of all retail sales in the United States

·         Franchise businesses employ more than 8.5 million Americans

·         Studies show that less than 5% of franchised businesses are closed each year

If you think an imageOne franchise is the right fit for you, we have set up a 5-step process which is outlined below:

      1.       Call and request an application

      2.       Once we have your application we set up a phone interview, in most cases you are interviewing us more than we are     interviewing you

      3.       If we both agree that you will excel in our system, you will receive a Franchise Offering Circular through our designated agent.  Our agent will discuss the Circular and any legal and/or financial questions.

      4.       Once all questions are answered, we will schedule a visit to our offices to showcase imageOne and answer all remaining questions

      5.       Finally we sign the Franchise Agreement and schedule your training.  We also will advise and help you set up all additional aspects of your business


It is important that we make this process smooth and as informative as possible.


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